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May 11, 2005 – REAL ID Act Expands Laws for Asylum and Deportation of Foreigners for Terrorist Activity

“[T]he major provisions of the REAL ID Act, as enacted, which inter alia, (1)modifies the eligibility criteria for asylum and withholding of removal; (2) limits judicial review of certain immigration decisions; (3) provides additional waiver authority over laws that might impede the expeditious construction of barriers and roads along land borders, including a 14-mile wide fence near San Diego; (4) expand the scope of terror-related activity making an alien inadmissible or deportable, as well as ineligible for certain forms of relief from removal; (5) requires states to meet certain minimum security standards in order for the drivers’ licenses and personal identification cards they use to be accepted for federal purposes; (6) requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to enter into the appropriate background information of any person convicted of using a false driver’s license for the purpose of boarding an airplane; and (7) requires the Department of Homeland Security to study and plan new ways to improve U.S. security and improve inter-agency communications and information sharing, as well as establish a ground surveillance pilot program.”