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Oct. 1, 2004 – “Minuteman Project” Begins Recruiting Civilians to Patrol the US-Mexico Border

“In Arizona, a group calling itself the Minuteman Project has stationed
scores of men and women along the Mexican border in a controversial
effort to track down undocumented immigrants. The Minutmen take their
name from a militia group during the American Revolutionary War. The
group’s founder, James Gilchrist, says the project [since Oct. 1, 2004] has attracted some 450 volunteers from around the country. On Monday,
Gilchirst said they aided in the arrest of 146 undocumented immigrants.
The Minutemen have staked out across a 23-mile stretch of border
northeast of Nogales for the month-long action. Many use binoculars and
night-vision goggles. Some are armed with guns. Over 20 pilots with
aircraft are also surveying the area. Organizers call their effort a
peaceful protest over the government’s failure to secure its borders.
Both the Mexican government and the Bush administration have described
them the Minutemen as vigilantes. Meanwhile, the American Civil
Liberties Union has sent observers to keep tabs on the Minutemen to
ensure they don’t take the law into their own hands.”