Matt Mayer, CEO of Opportunity Ohio, in an Apr. 17, 2017 article, "Not the Berlin Wall," available at, stated:

“Given the rising global instability in North Korea and the Middle East, it isn’t that hard to imagine terrorists getting their hands on biological, chemical or radiological weapons. With an insecure border, it is even easier to imagine those terrorists bringing those weapons across the southern border and launching a devastating attack inside America. Extending the physical and technological wall along the southern border gives us the best chance to detect and to stop the flow of drugs, humans trapped in bondage, and terror.

The communists built the Berlin Wall to limit freedom by trapping good people in. President Trump wants to expand America’s border wall to protect our freedom by keeping bad people out. The difference between the two walls couldn’t be greater. Yet, opponents seem to believe there is a moral equivalence between the Berlin Wall and the border wall.

Even my kids know the difference between a prison wall and a protective wall. If kids can figure out that not all walls are the same, why can’t reasonable adults?”

Apr. 17, 2017