Mark Noferi, JD, Senior Counsel for Immigration for the Office of General Counsel in the Executive Office for Immigration Review in the US Department of Justice, in an Apr. 28, 2015 article, "Ending Birthright Citizenship: (Still) Unconstitutional, Unwise, Unworkable, and Un-American," available at the American Immigration Council's Immigration Impact website, stated:

“Repealing birthright citizenship is unnecessary. There is no evidence that undocumented immigrants come to the U.S. in large numbers just to give birth. ‘Anchor babies,’ a term the American Heritage Dictionary calls offensive and disparaging, make no sense given that a child cannot sponsor a parent for citizenship for at least 21 years. And hyperbolic stories about ‘birth tourism’ point to small numbers of foreigners who come to the U.S. legally to give birth to their children.

Further, repealing birthright citizenship would be incredibly unwise and unworkable, affecting everyone—not just immigrants. If birthright citizenship was eliminated, all American parents would have to establish the citizenship of their children, through arduous, expensive, bureaucratic processes. The United States would likely have to create a national ‘birth registry,’ and some sort of national ID to be used as proof of citizenship. Americans could be denied citizenship because of a mistake. It would be ridiculous to impact every single American just to punish a few individuals.

Lastly, repealing birthright citizenship would be un-American.”

Apr. 28, 2015