The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), in a Jan. 2004 presentation entitled "Immigrant Access to State Driver’s Licenses: A Tool Kit for Advocates," stated:

“Immigrant driver’s license restrictions demonstrably do not deter illegal immigration, but they do cost lives. State Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMVs) are charged with guaranteeing the safety of our roads and highways, but they neither have the resources to enforce, nor are they effective in enforcing, federal immigration policy…

While increasing our national security is critical, restricting driver licenses (DLs) is an inefficient way to enforce immigration laws and prevent terrorism… Furthermore, press accounts since September 11 have called attention to the fact that the hijackers had obtained DLs when, in fact, the terrorists did not need U.S.-issued DLs to board the planes on September 11; they had foreign passports that allowed them to board.

In fact, denying driving licenses to large segments of the population makes everyone in the community less safe. Restricting DLs results in unsafe roads, higher insurance rates, and overwhelmed court systems… Restricting DLs results in the proliferation of false documents.”

Jan. 2004