Lucas Guttentag, JD, National Director of the Immigrants' Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Foundation, stated in an Apr. 29, 2005 press release titled "ACLU Dismayed at Governor Schwarzenegger's Endorsement of Armed Vigilantes on California's Border":

“Encouraging private individuals to enforce federal immigration laws is an invitation to lawlessness and increases the danger of abuse and violence. During the Minutemen’s actions in Arizona, the Immigrants’ Rights Project participated in the legal observer program to monitor the vigilante actions. We saw firsthand that the presence of armed vigilantes at border towns and communities creates a climate of intimidation and fear among residents of border communities. As a result of the Minutemen’s presence, residents were afraid to send their children to school, to go shopping, and to engage in normal business activity.”

Apr. 29, 2005