George W. Bush, MBA, President of the United States, stated the following in a May 18, 2006 speech at the Yuma, Arizona Sector Border Patrol Headquarters:

“[T]he need to enforce the border is urgent, and that’s why, in coordination with our governors, we’re going to send 6,000 National Guard troops to be deployed on the southern border.

Now, the reason why I think this strategy is important is because deploying the 6,000 troops to complement the work of the Border Patrol will get immediate results. And it’s time to get immediate results…

The Guard is going to support border control efforts. And the Border Patrol, of course, will be in the lead. The Guard will operate surveillance and communications systems. They will install fences and vehicle barriers. They’re going to help build patrol roads. They’ll analyze intelligence. They will help spot people. But the Border Patrol will be involved in direct law enforcement. The Guard is going to free up agents to be in direct contact with those trying to sneak across. It is — the Guard is complementary. The Guard makes it easier for the Border Patrol to do its job.”

May 18, 2006