Edmund Kozak, political reporter for LifeZette, in an article accessed Apr. 8, 2016, "States to Illegal Aliens: Welcome," available at, stated:

“Many states are offering illegal immigrants a host of goodie bags brimming with benefits at the expense of the American taxpayer. These states are putting their security at risk and undermining federal efforts to control illegal immigration…

Unfortunately, many states have decided to go into the business of encouraging illegal immigration.

Some 605,000 of the roughly 1.4 million drivers’ licenses issued in California last year went to illegal immigrants.

Not only did the state allow aliens to obtain licenses — they actively encouraged it.

After the passage of Assembly Bill 60 on Jan. 2, 2015, the California Department of Motor Vehicles embarked on a widespread information campaign, holding 200 community outreach events at a variety of locations, issuing Spanish-language messages on social media and creating a new page on their website dedicated to the new law.

The cost of this outreach — coupled with the cost of processing the new applicants — is estimated at $141 million over three years. Of course, this cost will be borne by the legal citizens of California. While California clearly wants illegal immigrants to drive, it hasn’t yet made any efforts to require those immigrants to pay taxes.”

Apr. 8, 2016