Daniel Horowitz, Senior Editor of Conservative Review, in an Aug. 25, 2015 article, "The Case for the Border Fence," available at the Conservative Review website, stated:

“Nowhere is the case for the double-layered security-style fence more compelling than with the Israel security fence. Between 2000 and 2005, suicide bombers infiltrated Israel almost on a daily basis. Over 1,000 Israelis were killed and countless thousands wounded – the equivalent of 42,000 fatalities and hundreds of thousands wounded in America if extrapolated from the population size. The situation was desperate….until they built their security fence. After construction of the fence, a double-layer barrier with a security zone in the middle – similar to the San Diego fence, suicide attacks perpetrated by Arab terrorists declined by well over 90%…

It has been said that no fence can stop the determination of illegal immigrants seeking job prospects or drug running and human trafficking opportunities. But nobody is more determined than Hamas terrorists willing to die for their cause of killing Jews. While nothing is full-proof, the double-layered security barrier stopped the terrorists; it will stop illegal immigration.”

Aug. 25, 2015