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June 25, 2012 – US Supreme Court Upholds Centerpiece of 2010 Arizona Immigration Law, Rejects Other Provisions

“The Supreme Court on Monday delivered a split decision on Arizona’s tough 2010 immigration law, upholding its most hotly debated provision but blocking others on the grounds that they interfered with the federal government’s role in setting immigration policy.

The court unanimously sustained the law’s centerpiece, the one critics have called its ‘show me your papers’ provision, though they left the door open to further challenges. The provision requires state law enforcement officials to determine the immigration status of anyone they stop or arrest if they have reason to suspect that the individual might be in the country illegally.

The justices parted ways on three other provisions, with the majority rejecting measures that would have subjected illegal immigrants to criminal penalties for activities like seeking work.

The ruling is likely to set the ground rules for the immigration debate, with supporters of the Arizona law pushing for ‘show me your papers’ provisions in more states and opponents trying to overturn criminal sanctions for illegal immigrants.”