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Dec. 21, 2000 – Section 245(i) of the Legal Immigration Family Equity (LIFE) Act Grants Legalization to Qualifying Immigrants in the US Illegally

“Adjustment of status under Section 245(i) is one of several immigration
benefit provisions created by the Legal Immigration Family Equity Act
and LIFE Act Amendments (LIFE Act) enacted on December 21, 2000…
Section 245(i) allows certain persons who have an immigrant visa
immediately available but entered without inspection or otherwise
violated their status and thus are ineligible to apply for adjustment of
status in the United States—to apply if they pay a $1,000 penalty…
This is an important benefit for eligible individuals. Without Section
245(i), many individuals who entered illegally or violated their status
are restricted from filing for adjustment in the United States and must
obtain their immigrant visas overseas… The LIFE Act also… Creates a
new temporary ‘V’ non-immigrant status to allow the spouses and minor
children of lawful permanent residents… to be admitted to and work in
the United States while they are waiting for a visa number.”