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1976 – President Gerald Ford Repeals Executive Order 9066 Proclaming WWII Japanese Relocation a “National Mistake”

“After World War II, some Japanese Americans thought the U.S. government
should officially recognize that it had denied their rights and
unjustly incarcerated them. Beginning with a few individuals, these
efforts grew into a national movement to obtain an apology and
compensation from the U.S. government for wrongful actions taken against
people of Japanese ancestry during World War II, and to help ensure
that such injustices would never be allowed again. Japanese Americans
and their supporters sought redress for injustice through all three
branches of government, all of which had contributed to the denial of
their constitutional rights… One successful effort resulted in
President Gerald Ford’s repeal of Executive Order 9066 in 1976,
thirty-four years after it had been signed.”