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US Border Patrol Local 2544 Biography

Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Should the Government Allow a Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants?"

“With the right equipment, infrastructure, manpower, technology, and freedom to do our jobs (without excessive interference from some politicians and a few bad managers), we can secure our borders. If an effective plan is implemented to prosecute those who violate our immigration laws, and the resources are put in place to house prisoners, we will see a dramatic drop-off in arrests and illegal crossings. Entering this country without permission is a crime, regardless of what Senator John McCain and Governor Rudy Giuliani say. 8 USC 1325 [U.S. Code, Title 8, Section 1325: Improper entry by alien] is extremely clear.”

“Si Se Puede,” U.S. Border Patrol Local 2544 website (accessed Oct. 10, 2007)


“Local 2544 officers are all Border Patrol agents. We represent other Border Patrol agents and non-supervisory employees in Tucson Sector, covering most of the state of Arizona. We are the largest local in the Border Patrol. We are also the largest local in AFGE’s 12th District.”

U.S. Border Patrol Local 2544 homepage (accessed Oct. 10, 2007)


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