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Randall Hoven, MS Biography

Electrical and Systems Engineering Lecturer at Washington University in St. Louis
Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Should the Government Allow a Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants?"

“[L]ook at the total number of homicides in those years. Per the FBI, there were 67,642 murders in the US from 2005 through 2008, and 115,717 from 2003 through 2009. Per the GAO, criminal aliens committed 25,064 of them. That means they committed 22% to 37% of all murders in the US, while being only 3.52% to 8.25% of the population.

Conclusion: criminal and illegal aliens commit murder at much higher rates than all inhabitants of the US – at least 3 to 10 times higher.”

“Illegal Aliens Murder at a Much Higher Rate Than US Citizens Do,”, July 13, 2015

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Electrical and Systems Engineering Lecturer, Washington University in St. Louis, Jan. 2012-present
  • Adjunct Instructor, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Jan. 2006-Dec. 2011
  • Boeing Technical Fellow, Aug. 1982-Apr. 2008
  • Recipient, Boeing Special Invention Award, 2005
  • Applied Physics Lab Staff, Johns Hopkins University, 1979-1982
  • MS, Systems Science and Mathematics, Washington University, 1985
  • MS, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 1982
  • BS, Washington University, 1979
  • Invented a patented method to increase the accuracy of GPS while working at Boeing.
Quoted in:
  1. Does Illegal Immigration Relate to Higher Crime Incidence?