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Office of the Chief Actuary of the Social Security Administration (SSA) Biography

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“Social Security is the single largest employee benefit plan in the country, perhaps in the world. Monitoring and evaluating the cost impact of the many proposals that are being made all the time is one important, but by no means the only, task of the actuaries working for SSA [Social Security Administration]. Overall review of the soundness of the balance between obligations for benefits being built up and the social security taxes being collected is central to the responsibilities of the Office of the Chief Actuary. This involves extensive research into short-term and long-term demographic and economic trends, analysis of experience in mortality and morbidity rates, and the preparation of regular reports and special studies on the financial aspects of the Social Security system that are of concern to the Congress and the general public.

Apart from this work, actuaries in SSA are frequently called upon to address national and international meetings of actuarial organizations, to testify before Congressional committees on the financial effect of various suggested amendments to the law, and to write articles for various publications on the actuarial status of the program.”

“Office of the Chief Actuary,” (accessed on Aug. 8, 2017)


“The Office of the Chief Actuary plans and directs a program of actuarial estimates and analyses relating to SSA-administered retirement, survivors and disability insurance programs and to proposed changes in those programs. It evaluates operations of the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund and the Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund, conducts studies of program financing, performs actuarial and demographic research on social insurance and related program issues, and projects future workloads.

In addition, the Office is charged with conducting cost analyses relating to the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, a general-revenue financed, means-tested program for low-income aged, blind and disabled people. The Office provides technical and consultative services to the Commissioner, to the Board of Trustees of the Social Security Trust Funds, and its staff appears before Congressional Committees to provide expert testimony on the actuarial aspects of Social Security issues.”

“Organization,” (accessed on Aug. 8, 2017)

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