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New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice Biography

Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Should the Government Allow a Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants?"

“We launched our New Jersey for All campaign in March in order to increase our impact to create change. Our campaign targets all levels of government to achieve policy changes that will build momentum for statewide impact. The local advocacy focuses on the creation of municipal identification; passage of wage theft ordinances; change in detainer policies; and resolutions in support of driver’s licenses. The state level advocacy includes legislative outreach efforts to obtain driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrant residents. Our local-to-statewide approach builds a groundswell for work that will continue to gather support from our communities and move toward a more pro-immigrant state. While this issue has been a priority for advocates for decades, we are determined to continue working to making it happen for the half a million immigrants living in New Jersey.”

“Adios 2015,” New Jersey Immigrant Justice website, Dec. 31, 2015


“The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice is a statewide membership-based coalition that creates and achieves policies in New Jersey that welcome and support immigrants to become rooted economically, politically and socially within the state. NJAIJ will use the power and strength of its member organizations to ensure that New Jersey’s immigrant communities are leaders in the development of policies that impact their lives and the lives of all New Jersey residents. Through the work of NJAIJ and its members, New Jersey will ensure access to services, support family unity, and develop policies and strategies that provide opportunities for immigrants to fully participate in civic life. The human, civil and labor rights of New Jersey’s immigrants, both documented and those seeking status, will be protected.”

“Home,” (accessed Apr. 14, 2016)


“The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice recognizes the right to human mobility, the root causes of migration and the equality of all human beings. The Alliance works towards policies that support the dignity and human and civil rights of immigrants.”

“Home,” (accessed Apr. 14, 2016)

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