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National Coalition for Haitian Rights (NCHR) Biography

Pro to the question "Should the Government Allow a Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants?"

“Fierce opposition from the conservative wing of the Republican party has caused the administration to backtrack from its original proposal this summer of an amnesty program for illegal Mexican workers. We want President Bush to know, however, that we take him at his word and expect him to demonstrate the necessary courage to stand up to those who would continue denying the reality of the American labor market and its needs. He must not waver under pressure. Indeed, we urge him to seize this historic opportunity to establish a comprehensive, just, and forward-thinking immigration policy that treats all, not some, newcomers with the utmost fairness and respect.”

“Haitian Coalition Calls for Broad-based Legalization Program,”, Sep. 6, 2001


“NCHR was born in New York City in February 1982 as the National Emergency Coalition for Haitian Refugees. Its founders were religious, labor, civil rights, human rights and Haitian leaders who took up the cause of Haitian refugees after the US government set aside international norms and domestic legal protections in order to deny Haitian asylum-seekers the protection they sought from the US after fleeing the Jean-Claude Duvalier dictatorship.”

“About NCHR,”, Jan. 8, 2005


“NCHR’s Mission is to champion the rights of Haitians in the United States and Haiti. The standards used to pursue this mission are international human rights standards and laws. In other words, in accordance with these standards, we measure the response and performance of governments and international institutions (in particular the US government) that are charged with upholding the rule of law and protecting these rights. And we respond accordingly, informing public opinion and mobilizing its force for or against government policies and initiatives.”

“About NCHR,”, Jan. 8, 2005

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