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Minnesota Department of Administration Biography

None Found to the question "Should the Government Allow a Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants?"

No position found as of July 16, 2007


“Created in 1939, the Department of Administration (ADMINS) provides a broad range of business management, administrative and professional services and a variety of resources to state and local government agencies and to the public. Oversees more than $1.8 billion annually in state purchasing. Manages over 450 building projects valued at $260 million. Manages 890 state leases and 3.7 million usable square feet of leased space. Maintains the State Capitol and state buildings and grounds in the Capitol area. Provides population statistics, pyramids, and maps through the Datanet online information service.”

“About Admin Minnesota,” (accessed July 16, 2007)


“Admin’s mission is to help its customers succeed. The department’s goals are to provide customers with valuable services, products, advice and expertise; to be recognized for its innovation and efficiency; to reduce costs by working across government; and to offer an environment in which people thrive and enjoy their work. The Department of Administration is also providing leadership and support for the State of Minnesota’s Drive to Excellence, which seeks to increase quality and customer service and reduce costs in state government.”

“About Admin Minnesota,” (accessed July 16, 2007)

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