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Mark Noferi, JD Biography

Senior Counsel for Immigration for the Office of General Counsel in the Executive Office for Immigration Review in the US Department of Justice
Pro to the question "Should the Government Allow a Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants?"

“[A]ny proposal for a guest worker program will fail in the long term without effective oversight and a path to permanent status—and is ultimately, only one potential piece of a comprehensive immigration reform solution…

A path toward permanent status with the potential path to citizenship is ‘a critical ingredient of any guest worker program.’ This path not only provides workers hope for membership in our society, but respect from other Americans, rather than second-class citizenship.”

“Senate Hearing Examines Proposals to Increase Guest Workers,”, Mar. 27, 2015

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Senior Counsel for Immigration, Office of General Counsel, Executive Office for Immigration Review, US Department of Justice, May 2017-present
  • Attorney Advisor (GS-15), Office of General Counsel, Immigration Law Division, July 2015-May 2017
  • Enforcement Fellow, American Immigration Counsel, June 2014-July 2015
  • Visiting Associate Fellow, Center for Migration Studies, Aug. 2013-May 2014
  • Legal Writing Profesor, Brooklyn Law School, Aug. 2010-Aug. 2013
  • Public Interest Fellow, Seton Hall Center for Social Justice, June 2009-Sep. 2010
  • Lawyer, Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP, Oct. 2007-June 2009
  • Deputy Voter Protection Coordinator, Indiana Campaign for Change, Sep. 2008-Nov. 2008
  • Law Clerk, Judge Harold Baer, Sep. 2006-Sep. 2007
  • Speechwriter, Mayor Anthony A. Williams, Aug. 2001-June 2002
  • Speechwriter, US Environmental Protection Agency, Mar. 1997-Feb. 2000
  • JD, Standford University Law School, 2002-2005
  • BA, English and Political Science, Boston College, 1992-1996
  • Twitter handle: @ProfNofe
Quoted in:
  1. Should Children Born on US Soil to Undocumented Immigrants Automatically Have US Citizenship?