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Linna E. Bresette Biography

Secretary of the Social Action Department (SAD) of the National Catholic Welfare Conference
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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Former Secretary, Social Action Department (SAD), National Catholic Welfare Conference, 1921-1951
  • Recipient, Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Medal from Pope Pius XII, 1947
  • State Factory Inspector, Kansas, 1913-1921
  • Second Vice President and Auditing Committee Member, Fourth Annual Convention of the Governmental Labor Officials, Asheville, NC, Sep. 27, 1917
  • Former Secretary-Treasurer, Industrial Welfare Commission of Kansas
  • Former Member, Constitution Committee, Association of Governmental Labor Officials
  • Co-founder, Catholic Conference on Industrial Problems
  • Former teacher
  • Recipient, Immaculata Medal for Distinguished Social Service, Conception College
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  • Was the subject of a Feb. 26, 1953 Catholics in Action comic strip
  • Led a pilgrimage to Rome to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Pope Leo XIII’s May 15, 1891 letter on labor titled “Rights and Duties of Capital and Labor,” 1931
  • Involved in writing minimum wage and child labor laws of Kansas
  • Died on Feb. 25, 1960