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Con to the question "Should the Government Allow a Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants?"

“From a national perspective America can get illegal immigration under control only if the will to do so exists. Unfortunately that will has not yet existed. Only until Americans force their leaders to address the problem will levels be significantly reduced. Addressing the problem means illegal aliens should not be rewarded, but, if they refuse to return home voluntarily, they should be humanely deported as required by law. Reduction in the number of illegal aliens should be by attrition as a result of real enforcement of immigration laws. Mass deportation is not a viable approach.

Experts generally recommend the following three major priorities to control illegal immigration into the U.S.:

Interior enforcement, especially laws pertaining to jobs,

Border security via surveillance cameras, screenings and other means, especially the Arizona border, and,

Elimination of benefits, such as amnesties, educational subsidies, driver’s licenses, illegal alien identification cards, and many others…

It should be understood that illegal migration can not be reduced without a reduction in legal immigration. There is a high correlation between legal immigration and illegal migration. Legal immigration increases illegal migration and illegal migration increases legal immigration. When someone says ‘I am against illegal immigration but am for legal immigration’ the reality is that one significantly drives the other and addressing only one aspect will not resolve the problem.

The illegal immigration problem can be solved if only the will to do so exists.”

“Solutions,”, June 15, 2011


“This site, besides mocking the term undocumented, is an illegal immigration primer whose goal is to provide information on illegal immigration prevention, enforcement, and attrition.”

Home page, (accessed Oct. 19, 2011)


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