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Greenville News Biography

Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Should the Government Allow a Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants?"

“The problem is, enforcing immigration law is not a local government’s responsibility. The federal government should be ensuring that businesses don’t knowingly hire people who are not legally eligible for employment. But the feds have failed. And that leaves it up to states, counties and cities. If this problem is going to be fixed, Congress is going to need to step in and pass real immigration reform. That reform should have strictly enforced penalties for those who hire illegal immigrants.”

“Local Immigration Enforcement,” editorial,, Dec. 28, 2006


“In 1874, A. M. Speights founded The Greenville Daily News as a forum for political discussion. At that time, the paper was a four-page publication and had only 100 subscribers. It cost $8 for a one year subscription. Like today’s papers, The Greenville Daily News covered local and national news, included editorials on the most important issues of the day and incorporated numerous advertisements… The Peace family bought the paper in 1927… In 1995, Gannett purchased the newspaper and became the new owner, changing the name to The Greenville News.”

“The History of The Greenville News,” (accessed June 20, 2007)


“The text of the Principles of Ethical Conduct for Newsrooms, [was] developed by the Newspaper Division of Gannett Co. Inc., parent company of The Greenville News. We are committed to seeking and reporting the truth in a truthful way, serving the public interest, exercising fair play, maintaining independence, and acting with integrity. This newspaper and its news professionals are committed to observing the highest standards of journalism as expressed by these principles.”

“Code of Ethical Conduct,” (accessed June 20, 2007)

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