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Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) Biography

Con to the question "Should the Government Allow Immigrants Who Are Here Illegally to Become US Citizens?"

“The 1986 amnesty was a failure; rather than reducing illegal immigration, it led to an increase. Any new amnesty measure will further weaken respect for our immigration law. Therefore, all amnesty measures must be defeated.”

“7 Principles of True Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” (accessed May 18, 2016)


“FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, is a non-partisan, public interest organization of concerned Americans, united in the belief that our immigration policies and laws should again serve the nation’s future needs. This means better border management, lower levels of overall immigration, and a greater focus on highly skilled immigrants.”

“About,” (accessed Feb. 7, 2018)


“FAIR seeks to reduce overall immigration to a more normal level. Reducing legal immigration levels from well over one million presently to 300,000 a year over a sustained period will allow America to manage growth, address environmental concerns, and maintain a high quality of life.”

“About,” (accessed Feb. 7, 2018)

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