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Edwin S. Rubenstein, MA Biography

President of Edwin S. Rubenstein (ESR) Research Economic Consultants
Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Should the Government Allow Immigrants Who Are Here Illegally to Become US Citizens?"

“A modest proposal: cut off Emergency Room demand at the border. Finish the wall, enforce the employer sanctions already on the books— and cut off legal immigration with a moratorium.”

“Immigration Diagnosed In ER Emergency,”, Oct. 17, 2006

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • President, Edwin S. Rubenstein (ESR) Research Economic Consultants, 2004 – 2007
  • Director of Research, Hudson Institute, 1997 – present
  • Adjunct Fellow, Manhattan Institute
  • Freelance Journalist, Forbes Magazine
  • Editor, Economics, National Review
  • Contributor,
  • Senior Economist, W.R. Grace & Co., 1980 – 1986
  • Municipal Bond Analyst, Moody’s Investors Service, 1978 – 1980
  • Senior Quantitative Analyst, Office of the Mayor of New York City, 1973 – 1978
  • Staff Economist, New York State Commission on Education
  • Television appearances: Firing Line, Bill Moyers, McNeil-Lehr, Consumer News Business Channel (CNBC), and Debates-Debates
  • MA, Public Finance, Columbia University
  • BA, Economics, Johns Hopkins
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Quoted in:
  1. Are Mass Deportations a Good Method to Address Illegal Immigration?