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David Vitter, JD Biography

Former US Senator (R-LA)
Con to the question "Should the Government Allow a Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants?"

“What heightens my concern is that we have history as a guide and history suggests this brand of so-called comprehensive immigration reform, this promise of enforcement as long as we have an amnesty, all of those things put together is a recipe for failure……the most notable case of this was in 1986 under President Regan. There was a so-called comprehensive immigration reform proposal that passed into law. And the promise, the model was very simple: ‘We’re going to get serious about enforcement, we really, really are. And we’re going to have a one-time leniency or amnesty. And it will fix the problem once and for all, we’ll never have to look back, and that will be done.’

Well, Mr. President, as we know from bitter experience since then, didn’t quite turn out that way. The promised enforcement never fully materialized. In fact, in my fact in my opinion it never materialized in any, to any significant extent. However, the leniency, the amnesty happened immediately. It happened the second that bill was signed into law. And so did it fix the problem estimated at about 3 million illegal aliens then? No, it not only perpetuated the problem it grew the problem to 12+, some people think as high as 15-20 million illegal aliens now. So it grew the problem enormously because we had promised enforcement which never adequately materialized but an amnesty which happened immediately. That is the fundamental concern.”

Remarks on the floor of the US Senate,, Jan. 28, 2013

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • US Senator (R-LA), 2005-2017
  • Former Chair, US Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • US Representative (R-LA), 1999-2005
  • Member, Louisiana House of Representative, 1992-1999
  • JD, Tulane Law School, 1988
  • BA,Oxford University, 1985
  • AB, Harvard, 1983
  • Twitter handle: @DavidVitter
  • Born May 3, 1961 in New Orleans, LA
  • Lost campaign to be Governor of Lousiana in 2015
Quoted in:
  1. Should Children Born on US Soil to Undocumented Immigrants Automatically Have US Citizenship?