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American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) Biography

Con to the question "Should the Government Allow a Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants?"

“Farm Bureau supports proposals that provide access to a legal and stable workforce for agriculture’s needs now and in the future. First, agriculture needs a new flexible visa program administered by USDA that provides flexibility for employers and workers by allowing contract and at-will employment options to address both seasonal and year-round needs. This ensures future stability and can be used to fill shortages when domestic workers are not available. Second, for short-term stability, the proposal must include an earned legal status for experienced, but unauthorized, agricultural workers.”

American Farm Bureau Federation, “Farm Bureau Immigration Reform,” (accessed May 18, 2016)


“Farm Bureau is an independent, non-governmental, voluntary organization governed by and representing farm and ranch families united for the purpose of analyzing their problems and formulating action to achieve educational improvement, economic opportunity and social advancement and, thereby, to promote the national well-being. Farm Bureau is local, county, state, national and international in its scope and influence and is non-partisan, non-sectarian and non-secret in character. Farm Bureau is the voice of agricultural producers at all levels.

In 1919, a small group of farmers from 30 states gathered in Chicago and founded the American Farm Bureau Federation. Their goal – speaking for themselves through their own national organization. Farm Bureau soon became the voice of agriculture at the national level.”

“We Are Farm Bureau: Purpose of Farm Bureau,” (accessed Oct. 27, 2011)


“AFBF is the unified national voice of agriculture, working through our grassroots organizations to enhance and strengthen the lives of rural Americans and to build strong, prosperous agricultural communities.”

“We Are Farm Bureau: Our Mission,” (accessed Oct. 27, 2011)

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