You Don't Speak for Me, a US-based Hispanic group against illegal immigration, in a Feb. 9, 2007 press release, "Mexican Legislators Will Travel to Chicago to Visit Elvira Arellano," stated:

“Elivra Arellano [immigrant in the United States illegally and mother of a US citizen child] is also a testament to the unwillingness of the United States government to uphold the rule of law and enforce its own immigration laws. This failure has undermined our sovereignty while harming the interests of countless Americans… Children are not human shield[s]… It was his mother who put the boy in a difficult position when she knowingly broke multiple laws in this country

Whenever parents are held accountable for breaking the law their children are inevitably harmed. We all regret when that happens but not justice system in the world can allow parents to hide behind their kids.”

Feb. 9, 2007