Sharon Auvil, JD, Judicial Law Clerk in the US Bankruptcy Courts, in a Winter 2017 DePaul Journal for Social Justice article, "In Defense of Birthright Citizenship," available at, stated:

“Under the umbrella of family rights with regard to immigration policy, repealing birthright citizenship would severely harm families by creating splits within newly immigrated families, placing unfair burdens on new immigrants, and disabling the American dream. As a hallmark of immigration law, family unity in the U.S. would be at risk of dissolution without birthright citizenship, and immigrant families who are already at an economic disadvantage in the U.S. would face a greater struggle to support themselves and succeed in American society. Most importantly, without birthright citizenship, citizenship in the U.S. would become the basis for a caste system – at the top, a class of Americans, and at the bottom, a class of descendants of modern immigrants, politically, legally, and socially disabled without the privilege of citizenship in the place they call home.”

Winter 2017