Robert Longley, writer and editor of, in a Jan. 31, 2017 ThoughtCo article, "Do Undocumented Immigrants Have Constitutional Rights?," available at, stated:

“Do not let the fact that the term ‘illegal immigrants’ does not appear in the document lead you to believe that the U.S. Constitution’s rights and freedoms do not apply to them.

Often described as a ‘living document,’ the Constitution has repeatedly been interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court, federal appeals courts and Congress in order to address the ever-changing needs and demands of the people. While many argue that ‘We the People of the United States,’ refers only to legal citizens, the Supreme Court has consistently disagreed…

While undocumented workers do not enjoy all of the rights granted to citizens by the Constitution, specifically the rights to vote or possess firearms, these rights can also be denied to U.S. citizens convicted of felonies. In final analysis, the courts have ruled that, while they are within the borders of the United States, undocumented workers are granted the same fundamental, undeniable constitutional rights granted to all Americans.”

Jan. 31, 2017