Nicholas Woodfield, JD, Principal and General Counsel at The Employment Law Group (Washington, DC), stated in his Dec. 1, 2014 article for the Orlando Sentinel titled "Flawed Validation Tool and Database Causes Workplace Havoc":

“E-Verify causes havoc in the workplace… In one year, before any national requirement, E-Verify unfairly gave employers a reason to fire almost 12,000 perfectly legitimate new hires.

And that’s just the collateral damage. E-Verify is much worse at its core task of flagging applicants who truly aren’t eligible to work. The last authoritative study showed that E-Verify flubbed this mission at least half the time, failing to identify anywhere from 37 percent to 64 percent of unauthorized workers.

If E-Verify were a commercial product, in short, no rational employer would pay to use it. It fails to identify illegal workers, and it turns away thousands of legal workers each year.”

Dec. 1, 2014