The National League of Cities, in a Jan. 27, 2017 article written by Federal Advocacy Program Director Yucel Ors and Manager of Race, Equity and Leadership Aileen Carr, "The Federal Government Needs to Fix the Immigration System--Not Cities," available at, stated:

“NLC’s [National League of Cities’s] long-standing position is that measures requiring cities to use local law enforcement resources to enforce federal immigration laws are unfunded mandates that impose additional disproportionate responsibilities on local law enforcement, increase financial liability on local governments, and ultimately move us further from our foundational principles of federalism. Contrary to the president’s stated public safety goals, this action is likely to jeopardize the effectiveness of many local law enforcement efforts. Many police chiefs, mayors, and city councilmembers across the country are concerned that such policies impede efforts to preserve police-community relations and ensure that residents feel safe reporting crimes and accessing government services.”

Jan. 27, 2017