Nancy Pelosi, US Representative (D-CA), in an Apr. 23, 2017 interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, a transcript of which is available at, stated:

“The Democrats do not support the [border] wall. And I think that the Republicans on the border states do not support the wall… The wall is, in my view, immoral, expensive, [and] unwise… The President talks about how tall it is, who’s going to pay for it, and all the rest of that. But you have to understand this part of the country. There’s a community with the border going through it. The President, I think, talking about this wall is expressing a sign of weakness. He’s saying, ‘I can’t control our borders. I have to build a wall.’ We certainly would like to– We have a responsibility to control our borders. Building a wall is not an answer, not here or any place.”

Apr. 23, 2017