Mike Morris, founder and commanding officer of III% United Patriots (3UP), an armed group that patrols the US/Mexico border, in a Jan. 5, 2016 interview, "Interview with a III% United Patriots Leader - Mike Morris," available at, stated:

“Arizona border operations is our chance to help protect and secure our southern border with Mexico. We keep it in perspective though we know that a few trips a year will not end the issues at the border but to us it is a duty that we perform. It has allowed us to work closely with Border Patrol agents, and gives a chance for members of 3UP to meet up from across the country. We have had an overwhelming positive response from Border Patrol and the local citizens. We have really been able to go down and we feel like we have made a difference like we have given something back to the community to the country and have done our small part.”

Jan. 5, 2016