Martha McSally, MPP, US Representative (R-AZ), in a May 14, 2015 House session considering amendments to HR 1735, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016, available at, stated:

“The technology used by the DOD [Department of Defense] in Afghanistan was transferred to CBP. When deployed, VADER [Vehicle and Dismount Exploitation Radar] will allow operators to track ground movement with great detail and make this information available to ground commanders in real time, often in tough terrain, allowing them to be more efficient with their resources. The sensors are capable of detecting even subtle human movement along the ground and increase their aerial surveillance, enforcement, and security to prevent potential threats from transnational criminal organizations illegally entering the United States. These organizations are trafficking drugs, money, people, and weapons through the border and into our communities.

…[S]ince 2012 VADER has detected over 33,000 people moving across the southwest border. Since 2006 this versatile platform has been credited with interdicting and disrupting over 6 tons of cocaine and 250,000 pounds of marijuana. CBP has also benefited from aerostats and helicopters which allowed CBP to have greater visibility of this illicit activity on the border.”

May 14, 2015