Maria E. Enchautegui, PhD, Senior Fellow in the Income and Benefits Policy Center at the Urban Institute, in a Jan. 6, 2015 article, "Immigrants Are Replacing, Not Displacing, Workers," available at, stated:

“About half of all workers ages 18 to 64 without a high school diploma are immigrants. We know that many of these immigrants are unauthorized and do not speak English well. As such, they tend to work in different occupations than U.S.-born workers — often, occupations that require little interaction with the public, that do not require licensing, and that do not require supervisory skills…

The number of U.S.-born workers with no college education has declined by almost 5 million since 2007, according to my analysis of Census data. That means fewer U.S. born workers are competing for jobs requiring less education, the kind immigrants generally get. So immigrants are replacing, not displacing U.S. born workers. This trend should continue. Of the top 10 occupations with the most projected employment growth, eight do not require a high school diploma, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

Jan. 6, 2015