Marc R. Rosenblum, PhD, Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Office of Immigration Statistics in the US Department of Homeland Security, in a July 2015 Migration Policy Institute report, "Federal-Local Cooperation on Immigration Enforcement Frayed; Chance for Improvement Exists," available at, stated:

“The arguments in favor of local-state-federal cooperation on immigration enforcement are straightforward, particularly after the shooting death of Kate Steinle. Cooperation with local police is a significant force-multiplier for DHS because there are 750,000 police officers in the United States, compared to about 5,000 DHS enforcement and removal officers (excluding border personnel). And cooperation is the surest way to ensure the deportation of serious criminals like Lopez-Sanchez, who typically come into the immigration system through an encounter with the police (though in this particular case San Francisco had custody following a transfer from ICE after Lopez-Sanchez had completed a federal prison sentence for illegal re-entry). “

July 2015