Lloyd Duhaime, LLB, Canadian lawyer and minister, in a Duhaime Dictionary entry titled "Deportation Dictionary," accessed on Mar. 10, 2017, available at duhaime.org, stated:

“The removal of a foreign national under immigration laws for reasons such as illegal entry or conduct dangerous to the public welfare.

Deportation is the unilateral measure by a government to expel an undesirable foreign national (alien) usually for one of two reasons:

He or she has since been discovered to have entered the host or deporting state illegally; or

He or she, since their admission into the deporting or host state, has done something to disqualify him or her from staying.

Deportation differs from extradition and that it is a civil procedure and not a criminal procedure. In an extradition hearing, the ultimate destination of the individual is essential to the process. In the deportation hearing, the destination is not the focus of the hearing.”

Mar. 10, 2017