Jeff Corwin, wildlife biologist and nature conservationist, in an Apr. 22, 2017 interview with MSNBC, a video of which is available in the article, "Trump's Border Wall 'Catastrophic' for Environment, Endangered Species: Activists" by Daniella Silva and Suzanne Gamboa, stated:

“If this border wall actually happens, it will be an environmental catastrophe. Essentially, what it’s doing is cutting through nature’s bridge, which connects Central America to North America and South America. Wildlife have been using this natural corridor for millions of years. And, essentially, what this administration wants to do is put a twelve-hundred mile long barrier right through it. Think of all the different species and creatures that migrate for resources, for reproduction, for seasonality. Many of the animals that live in North America, evolved in South America and migrated along this natural causeway. So, it would be absolutely devastating. There are over a hundred bird species that migrate that will be critically impacted by this. And there are nearly 90 endangered and threatened species [including jaguars, ocelots, and the Mexican gray wolf], some of which could very well be pushed to extinction because of this proposed wall.”

Apr. 22, 2017