Deseret News, a Salt Lake City, Utah, daily newspaper, in its Dec. 30, 2005 editorial entitled "Don't Make Illegals Felons," argued:

“Right now, illegal aliens are in violation of immigration regulations. Freeway speedsters are bigger scofflaws. But to jack unlawful residency violations up to felonies shows not only callousness, but a lack of imagination on the part of lawmakers. It also displays a complete lack of understanding of the havoc the move will create.

If the House has its way, when the student visa of a father of four from India expires, when a tourist from England overstays her welcome or a contracted worker from Colombia doesn’t get his papers renewed on time, they become ‘desperadoes’ — desperate criminals on a par with the thugs who rob liquor stores at gunpoint. Please. The only desperate souls here are the lawmakers who choose to throw good people in the clink and throw up their hands because they are bankrupt of ideas.”

Dec. 30, 2005