David Vitter, JD, US Senator (R-LA), in a Sep. 3, 2015 article, "Let's Get Real and End Birthright Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants," available at, stated:

“Every 93 seconds a beautiful baby is born in the United States . . . to illegal immigrant parents. Due to the current misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment, that child is immediately deemed a U.S. citizen–and given all the related financial, legal, and social benefits, which includes opportunities for those illegal immigrant parents to cash in on many of the benefits.

We simply cannot continue to ignore this. 400,000 cases every year isn’t a trivial distraction. It’s a real part of our illegal immigration problem. We must face the fact that the current policy of birthright citizenship is a huge magnet for more illegal crossings into our country. And unfortunately, that’s often at the hands of very dangerous people.

This magnet attracts women from Mexico and Central America to make the dangerous trek north, often in the hands of ‘coyotes’ or human smugglers and drug cartels. These women frequently put their lives into the hands of criminal gangs, some who make a living on human trafficking.

Then there’s the growing birth tourism industry. Many foreign women, notably from China, pay huge amounts of money in order to travel to the United States and be housed, often in shady accommodations, while pregnant with the intent of birthing a child during their stay…

Isn’t it time for us to make significant, real reforms to our immigration laws so that America – the world’s melting pot – can welcome immigrants in a legal, organized, and safe way? Let’s get serious about that. Let’s control our borders and the process of granting citizenship, including by ending birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants.”

Sep. 3, 2015