Daneen G. Peterson, PhD, anti-illegal alien activist, in an Apr. 13, 2006 article entitled "Illegal Alien Anarchy... Connecting the Dots!" retrieved from the United Patriots of America website, wrote:

“Ironically, the law [currently] defines the penalties for ‘aiding and abetting’ [illegal immigration] a felony. Where a felony is a penalty of more than one year in jail. Currently illegal aliens are supposed to receive a penalty of 6 months for illegally entering the United States, while those who ‘aid and abet’ those same illegal aliens can get up to five years. Does that make any sense?

The fact is that the lawbreaking illegal alien never receives that six month penalty. The local and state police can’t be bothered with the court process and filling their jails with those who will only receive a 6 months jail sentence and be charged with fines they will never pay. If the penalty were harsher and enforced then perhaps illegal aliens will be more reluctant to defy our laws.”

Apr. 13, 2006