The Boston Globe Editorial Board, in a Sep. 7, 2015 editorial, "Immigration Status Has Nothing to Do with Driving Skills," available at, stated:

“More policy makers have come to the realization that granting driver’s permits to the undocumented is in the best interest of public safety and perfectly compatible with federal law…

In states that issue permits to illegal immigrants, the policy has largely been self-funded; i.e., fees collected from applicants pay for the costs of issuing the permit, such as startup and staffing costs and any technological upgrades…

Licenses are a privilege that all drivers, citizens and noncitizens alike, must earn. Making licensing available to every motorist who can prove driving competence reduces the number of uninsured drivers, creating more equitable insurance costs.

…It’s in the public interest to acknowledge realities and put the safety of all motorists ahead of the politics of immigration.”

Sep. 7, 2015