David Borris, owner and co-founder of Hel's Kitchen Catering in Northbrook, IL; Cristina McNeil, MBA, former owner of Office Web International in Boise, ID; and ReShonda Young, Operations Manager and Corporate Vice President of Alpha Express, Inc. in Waterloo, IA, stated in their May 17, 2013 Washington Post op-ed titled "On Its Own, E-Verify Places Too Heavy a Burden on Small Businesses":

“A targeted legislative proposal to require all employers to use [E-Verify]… would come at a serious cost to small business owners, particularly if not packaged with broader immigration reform…

[E]ven if the program’s error rates are held at current levels, an estimated 156,000 authorized workers would be threatened with job loss by system errors. If error rates rise with the expansion of the program, this problem will be magnified, costing time and money for workers and business owners to fix mistakes, and taking their focus away from building businesses, serving customers, and creating jobs.”

May 17, 2013