Barry Latzer, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Criminal Justice at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, in a Jan. 24, 2019 article, "Do Illegal Aliens Have High Crime Rates?," available at, stated:

“Nationwide data on crime by illegal aliens is unavailable mainly because most states don’t keep such records. For instance, California, with Hispanics making up more than 43 percent of its incarcerated population, provides no information on the alienage of its inmates. Texas does, though, and its Department of Public Safety reports that illegal aliens were arrested and charged with more than 298,000 crimes, an average of over 39,000 per year, from June 1, 2011 to the end of 2018. Though some of these arrests were for nonviolent crimes, such as theft, burglary, or drug offenses, they also include many violent crimes: 624 homicides, 1,911 robberies, and 3,955 sexual assaults (which, under Texas law, include rapes)…

No amount of crime by those who enter this country unlawfully should be acceptable, because it is ‘extra’ crime that wouldn’t occur if our border security were effective.”

Jan. 24, 2019